It is time to shop-shop-shop!

It is the season that goes fa-la-la-la and in less than 2 days we will be celebrating Christmas! So fast another year is coming to an end! So, have you done all your shopping yet? Well, we don't celebrate Christmas but we do celebrate the festival itself so we still buy gifts for our loved ones.

In fact with the festive season, there are lots of sales going on and it was quite tempting to shop and shop! Lately the lil boy is getting extremely lazy to walk when we are in the malls and the stroller that we have is getting a little difficult to push as my lil boy has grown bigger so the small wheels could no longer take his weight.

Now we are contemplating of getting another stroller which can hold his weight. I still do not have time to shop around those shops that offer the type of strollers I'm looking for. Now that I can shop online, I am also comparing prices in order to get the best deal.

Ok, I think I better start surfing now before all the discounts end!!!

Fun game to get prizes

I am one who has never have any luck in any lucky draws or contests so I never really bother to participate in such games. However, if there are free gifts or cash prizes offered, then I might just put in my names but if they require me to pay an amount or must make a purchase to participate, I would rather not bother.

Lately I have heard that there are sweepstake going on in the cyberspace and they are offering really cool prizes. It is a text based game and very user friendly.It is called Bid4prizes, whereby the most unique lowest bidder will win the prize.

One of the attraction for this game is, they are offering really unbelieable prizes such as Apple I-Phone’s, HDTV’s, Designer Bags and even Cash Prizes! That's not all! The best part is, everyday there will be a winner! Sounds cool? Head over to Bid4prizes today and stand a chance to win yourself a cool prize!

Should I....

..... keep this blog?

I've been tinkering with the idea of closing this blog as I simply do not have the time to maintain more than 3 blogs at the moment.

Well, I know it's kinda sad but I can't just let this little place which I have been trying to keep for so long and just let it go like that....

Maybe I'll try to keep it till it reaches one and see how things goes....

Things you should know when getting a car insurance

Before I have a car, I don't give a damn about car or whatever things related in owning a car. But now, with my own wheels, I have no choice but to study and do research what are the stuff I need to know about insuring my wheels and myself as one of the passengers in the car.

I never know there are so many different types of Automobile Insurance Policies available now. Guess things has changed quite a lot with all the recents road accidents that took place on our roads. It's never safe to move on the roads now so it's better I get myself enough coverage just incase I was not so lucky and get my backside kissed by some eager driver who want to rush to get reincarnate! Or maybe I could misjudged and go kiss someone elses back!

As I am still not a very good driver at the moment, I might as well check out the Poor Driver Auto Insurance Rates so I could have an idea what is involved and probably get a quote later.

If you think you want to get your car and yourself more coverage, do check out some of the latest Insurance Coverage for Cars at

The Little Things - Wedding Favors

Every girl who is heading down the aisle will want it to be as perfect as possible. Perfection together with uniqueness are among things every couples are looking for these days. That is why Little Things Wedding Favors comes into the picture as they understand that every bride is different and every wedding reception is unique even with different budgets to play with.

Little Things Wedding Favors carries over 2,500 different wedding favors and wedding accessories. From their wide varieties, you will definitely bound to find something that you like.

Currently they even giving out gift certificate worth $100.00 with any purchase of wedding favors or wedding accessories. They are also offering 10% off purchases of 50.00 or more with coupon code: grandopening . And that's not all. They are also giving FREE UPS Ground Shipping on orders shipped within the 48 US States.

So if you or any of your friends are walking down the aisle, get them to shop at Little Things Wedding Favors for a memorable big day!

Got Cheated Again???

In our country, we have more than 5 main newspapers and a few TV channels which did not include those pay TV. That means, we are a well informed lot if you get what I'm trying to say. With so many papers and news channels, we can hardly miss any big news unless we are staying in the jungle and out of touch!

However, there are still cases of some gullible people who get cheated by get-rich scams, winning a lottery scams and etc... every now and the saddest part is even with such updated media reporting we have in this country they still fall for it! You know, if these are some old and illiterate aunties, I can't blame them as they are always in the dark and always jump at at any goodies threw at them. Sad to say, it is not the case! What I've seen so far are educated people... who are professionals and yet the fell for such scams!

Just read the news a while ago, and very sad to say, two more victims hailed from this little island....

Two fall for million-ringgit ‘lucky draw’

PENANG: A clerk and a contractor were cheated of more than RM50,000 after being told that they had won RM4.8mil in a lucky draw.

The first incident occurred in Air Itam on June 16 when the 31-year-old clerk received a call from a man informing her that she had won RM1mil in a contest.

But in order to collect the winnings, she must deposit a processing fee of RM12,000. After paying that amount, she was told that she had won a further RM3.7mil.

The clerk was then told to bank in another RM28,000 if she wanted the winnings. She did as instructed and the man later asked for even more money.

She told him that she had no more money and the phone calls stopped. She realised that she had been cheated and made a report at the Patani Road police station on June 20.

The contractor, 28, was cheated of RM10,600 in a similar manner on June 22. He only realised he had been cheated after depositing the money.

Continue reading here...

It baffles me each time I read such news.... don't people ever learn from others' mistakes??? Why there are always a repeat within such sort period of time?

Like the Chinese saying, "Is there such big goose running on the street?"

I love Weekends!

Time really flies and today is Friday! TGIF ah!

As most of you know, our weekends start on a Friday. There are quite a numbers of activities have been lined up for today. First, we will go car hunting again! I still can't believe we are still doing this as we are not not able to find one that we really like! It's a tedious work and have to go through so many test drivings. Well, we hope to get something this weekend...

Tomorrow we will bring the lil fella to the beach. This will be his trip to the beach if the weather permits! I have bought the sand castle tools for Darrius and we are so looking forward to see him playing with the sand.

On Sunday, I hope to bake some cakes... yes, yes, yes, it have been the longest time since I actually do something with the oven here! Trying out some new recipes... so do wish me success ok!

Happy weekends to all of you out there!

Big Paw Designs is Back!

Remember Big Paw Designs? Those creative folks that make every cat and every dog special in their own ways? They are back and is better than ever! They have created these really cool E-Cards that brighten every cat and dog lover's day... Also, pet lovers can send in their pets' photos and if they are selected they will be given special coupon codes to shop! Isn't that a great piece of news? To find out more, hop over to Big Paw Designs now and check it out!

Are these food safe?

I have not been patronising any pasar malam (night market) for a long-long time. I remembered, when I was younger, when there are not much of other forms of entertainment, I usually go jam the pasar malam... sometimes bugging my dad to travel as far as 15 minutes drive to the pasar malam location and spending like dono how long to locate a parking lot.... those crazy days..

And to tell you, there's always this urge to buy the food sold at these pasar malam as they always looked so yummy and tempting. However, I always have this fear now... wondering what sort of ingredients they used, do they wash them before preparing, how long have they kept the food and so on....

Then I read this news today... How can I ever trust food sold in these pasar malam again when case like this is happening?

Woman dies after eating burger

GEORGE TOWN: A 25-year-old Vietnamese factory worker died of food poisoning after eating a burger which was bought from a pasar malam trader.

Pham Thi Thcp was rushed to the Penang Hospital early yesterday morning when she started complaining of severe stomach ache after eating the burger.However, her condition worsened and she started vomiting blood as she was being rushed to the hospital. She died about 4.15am before she could be taken to the emergency ward.It is learnt that Pham Thi had gone to a night market in Batu Maung with her boyfriend, also a Vietnamese, on Tuesday night.

Her hostel mates said Pham Thi ate the burger before going to bed.Shortly afterwards, she started moaning in pain and cried out for a glass of water.Her hostel mates immediately alerted their supervisor, who called an ambulance when her condition worsened.

Meanwhile, Penang Hospital pathologist Datuk Dr Bhupinder Singh said a post-mortem showed Pham Thi had died from food poisoning.Samples from the deceased’s stomach had been sent for analysis to determine what caused the poisoning, he added.

Dr Bhupinder said the Balik Pulau Health Department had been alerted about the incident to enable them to take action and check on the food being sold at the night market.Southwest deputy police chief DSP Lai Fah Hin said police would treat the case as sudden death pending further investigation.

So, do you think you still wanna buy those 'yummy and tempting' looking food from the pasar malam now?